Payment Conditions and Price of Goods

1. The Contractor accepts the following payment conditions:

  • payment via a bank‘s Internet interface - through GoPay;
  • payment via a bank‘s Internet interface – through PayPal – in case of payments from outside the Czech and Slovak Republics;
  • payment in advance by a bank transfer – in case of payments coming from the Czech Republics and Slovak Republics;
  • cash on delivery of the goods – in case of delivery of the goods to the Czech Republic; payments by cash on delivery are not allowed in other countries.

2. Payment conditions mean payments in cash on the handover of the subject of performance or the possibility of using other methods of payment as mentioned above. The Contractor is entitled to demand an advance payment of up to 100 % of the value of the order before delivery. If an advance payment is required, the Contractor issues an Invoice for Advance Payment - Proof of Sale of Goods. After the delivery of the goods, the value of the advance payment is deducted in the Proof of Sale of Goods.

3. In case of a non-cash payment, the Buyer is obliged to pay the purchase price, mentioning the variable symbol of the payment. In the case of a non-cash payment, the obligation of the Buyer to pay the price is discharged at the moment of crediting the Contractor‘s account with the relevant amount.

4. The Contractor issues a Proof of Sale of Goods – Invoice based on the Contract of Sale. The Contractor is not a value added tax payer. The Contractor sends the invoice - Proof of Sale of Goods to the Buyer in an electronic form to the Buyer‘s email address; the Buyer will also receive the invoice upon its receipt of the goods or services.

5. The goods remain the property of the Contractor until full payment and receipt thereof, but the danger of damage to the goods passes on the Buyer on its receipt of the goods.

 6. All the prices are contract prices. The E-shop always shows up-to-date valid prices. Possible discounts off the price of the goods granted by the Contractor to the Buyer may be combined.

7. The prices are final, including all the taxes and other fees paid by the Consumer to obtain the goods; this does not apply to possible freight charges, cash on delivery charges, and the costs of distance communication means.

8. Discounted prices are valid until the sale of all stock or for a specified period of time.